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Pat's Posts - February 2018

   I hope that all is well with everyone. If you happen to be in the Northeast, you are enjoying temps in the 50's and 60's at the end of February. I find it hard to believe that it is 2018 and next year will be our classes' 55 Reunion. I have noticed that in our classmate list there seems to be no information about a few of our classmates. One is Nancy Fernandez who seems to have vanished from the radar. The other is Joe Martino who also seems to no contact information. Charles Reeves also is lacking contact information. Allen Smith is also lacking contact information that should be added. Maja Stiel also is lacking information and the last information that I had about her was that she was working in a church-related with her husband somewhere either in Africa or Asia. If anyone has had any contact with the above classmates would you please just send me a note about them so that I can keep my information up to date. If you have anything that you would like to share with your classmates, please send it to me so that I can send it out to everyone. Take care and be well.

Note:  Please let me know if there are any changes in the information enclosed or if you wish to share anything with your classmates, either in the monthly Pat's Posts or the website, please do not hesitate to drop me a note and I will make sure that it becomes available to our classmates who have an email address or web site access.

A trip through the Union Gazette in 1964

Our 35th 1999 Class Reunion

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Web Site Status

Update is a slower process because of my recent surguries. I had two surguries in May and spent 6 weeks in the hospital which really impacted on my strength and health. I lost 38 pounds while in the hospital. Currently wearing an ostomy bag and have a surgical wound that must heal from the inside/out. Although healing well, it is a long process. In January 2018, I will be returning to the hospital for reversal surgury for 5-10 days.

I will meanwhile work up dates and corrections.

Explanation of functions & features:

  • Directory: The directory features a complete listing of all classmate information and status..
  • Guestbook: I have unlinked the guestbook because of hacks and misuse by visitors. When I have a new guestbook program available I will install it.
  • Contact Us: Contains a direct email form to the webmaster and Patrick McLaughlin. the form is encrypted before sending.
  • Blog: Includes articles, tags, forum and photos area for inclusive class communications. The Blog area should be used for discussion
  • Documents:. Documents are directly accessible and can be downloaded and printed from secure Home page. Documents are in pdf and Excel format.
  • PJHS Email: Remains FREE email for classmates and families. The email now has forwarding capabilities and three email clients are available.
  • Forum:. Class forums are available for extented communications, surveys and voting or polls.
  • Event Calendar: The Event Calendar is part of the Forum feature. Classmates and family members with access may post events.

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