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Pat's Posts - November 2017

     I hope that everyone is well. I am not sure where the summer went here in the Northeast but the leaves are falling and neighbours are out with their leaf blowers. In all probability, most of us have moved into their 7th decade and no doubt wondering how you got there so fast. Why does time seem to go faster the older we become? I read a science article years ago that gives a mathematical rationale for that experience. For a ten-year-old, one year is 1/10 of their life. For a twenty-year-old, one year is equal to 1/20 of their life, which is less than 1/10. For a fifty-year-old, one year is equal to 1/50 of their life which is less than 1/20. Following the math, time appears to be going faster only because we are comparing more and more years to one year which becomes a smaller % each year. I came across a very interesting book titled The Nostalgia Factory by a Dutch writer Douwe Draaisma. The following is a quote from the books Preface:
      The return of old memories, which psychologists call the reminiscence effect, is a mysterious phenomenon. The fact that early memories present themselves spontaneously when we look back seems to contradict what might be called the First Law of Forgetting: the longer ago something happened, the less chance we have of remembering it. No less puzzling is why they seem to emerge again only in old age. They must have been stored away as the memory of the forty-year-old, the fifty-year-old, so why do they surface again when the memory is starting to become truly ancient? It is as if they were under embargo all that time and became available again only after their release date.
     The book goes on from there to explain the author's hypothesis using the life of Dr Oliver Sachs.  Dr Sachs' autobiography is titled "Uncle Tungsten".

     I hope that I have not bored everyone to death with this book but I have been totally taken in with memory and consciousness so this book brought up many interesting concepts.  Take care everyone and try to enjoy everything about your life. 

     Note:Please let me know if there are any changes in the information enclosed or if you wish to share anything with your classmates, either in the monthly Pat's Posts or the website, please do not hesitate to drop me a note and I will make sure that it becomes available to our classmates who have an email address or web site access.

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Update is a slower process because of my recent surguries. I had two surguries in May and spent 6 weeks in the hospital which really impacted on my strength and health. I lost 38 pounds while in the hospital. Currently wearing an ostomy bag and have a surgical wound that must heal from the inside/out. Although healing well, it is a long process. In January 2018, I will be returning to the hospital for reversal surgury for 5-10 days.

I will meanwhile work up dates and corrections.

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